Thursday, January 3, 2013


This may not be news to many, but Time magazine has declared Barack Obama as Person of the Year for 2012. While I freely admit the influence the President has had during the last year by beating the first prominent Mormon Presidential candidate, I can not help but feel it is a similar situation to him being awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 as encouragement for him to do something peaceful in the future... I will not say Obama is undeserving of any recognition; but I feel Time may be overreaching just a tad.

At any rate, I am more interested in the runner-up, Malala, for whom I voted during Time's online poll a few weeks ago. I have written about her in past, and I am frankly surprised that she did not win given the boon for women's rights and the uneasy light shed against religious fundamentalism which her story illustrates, but at the same time I am greatful that so many people are now aware of her story.


Here is Time explaining their choice:

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