Wednesday, August 22, 2012


In several of my posts I have used clips from the public access show "The Atheist Experience." I like the caller-driven format most of all, and they have hit pretty much every religious topic you can think of over their 14+ years on the air. But some people are put off by the (occasionally) abrasive way the hosts deal with certain (obnoxious) callers. So, I now present to you "The Thinking Atheist." This podcast and youtube channel have some great videos on many of the same topics as The Atheist Experience, but they are generally nicer about it. The host is a former Christian radio broadcaster, so he has keen insights into the Evangelical Christian world, and he has a soothing radio voice to boot. Here are some of my favorite clips.

After the Rapture:

Welcome to this World:

The Story of Susie:

Understanding Christianese:

Noah's Ark-God, Giraffes & Genocide:

And a special podcast on Christopher Hitchens:

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