Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The latest video from Mr Deity is a response to the "And I'm a Mormon" ad campaign. It is neither ubiquitous nor information-free! Here are some of my favorite lines which are particularly relevant to my own apostacy:

"I no longer believe that a burning in my bosom is any indication of truth or value."

"I no longer give 10% of my gross income to a multi-billion dollar corporation."

"I no longer believe that homosexuality is a sin."

"I no longer believe that a stone knife is a good substitute for what the Book of Mormon very specifically calls a "steel sword."

"I no longer believe that an ordinary Egyptian funerary text from the Common Era contains the writings of Father Abraham."

"I no longer believe that dark-skinned people can become light-skinned people by living the Mormon gospel."

"I no longer believe that placing one's face in a hat containing a "seer-stone" is a reliable means of translating an ancient language."

"I no longer believe that my happiness is enhanced by my obedience to other men's ideas of how I should live my life."

Here is the video:

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