Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Some times it needs to be said: the Mormon Church is bad for gays.

About two months ago a simple phone call with a Mormon family member turned into a three hour theological debate, all because I mentioned that I had spent some time with some gay friends. In response, they mentioned that spending time with people who do bad things encourages us to engage in similar behaviors (the standard religious attitude to spending time with people who swear, eat babies or listen to evil jazz music). I have a big problem with this kind of thinking and I dont believe relationships can be reduced to the likes of a seminary video on saying "no" to parties with any thing more than mild fun ("it's a Christian music-bonfire"). But this isn't really the point. It is important to see how good, moral, and nice people--all of which describe this person--can still be fundamentally wrong about things like whether homosexuality occurs naturally or is a choice (and is, therefore, "contagious"), and then vote based on this presupposition.

So why is this relevant? People who think like this affect other people negatively despite their best intentions. This is doubly so when legislation (and church funds) are involved. But when it is within the church itself, it gets very personal very quickly and can do the most damage.

Today I read an interview between an active, openly gay Mormon (also known as a "Moho" or "oxi-Mormon"), and a recently excommunicated gay mormon. It is important to note that, although now excommunicated and ostracised, the interviewee still believes in Church doctrine, the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. As shown in the interview, in a very real and personal way, the Church's stance on homosexuality IS harmful, and in my opinion perpetuates ignorance and prejudice.

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